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Legend Sport & Educational Foundation

About Us

“There is no excuse for any country, no matter how poor, to abuse its citizens, deny them equal protection of the law or leave them victims of corruption, mismanagement and economical irrationality”

Nelson Mandela, Former President, South Africa

Legend Sport & Educational Foundation is registered in South Africa as a Section 21 Company and operates as a non-profitable entity.

We strive to make a positive difference in people's lives by taking responsibility for the empowerment and upliftment of those most at risk of social exclusion.

Our work is designed to make a positive difference to the lives of those communities surrounding Legend Golf & Safari Resort at Entabeni Safari Conservancy, Waterberg Region, Limpopo Province, South Africa, through poverty alleviation, skills development and empowerment through education.


Legend Golf & Safari Resort at the Entabeni Safari Conservancy is a celebration of Africa's rich natural and cultural heritage. While flora and fauna are at its heart, it would not exist without the loyal support of the community surrounding it.

Legend Sport & Educational Foundation acknowledges this and has dedicated its full support to working with people to redress inequalities, enabling them to realise their full potential.

The Foundation was founded by Legend Lodges, Hotels and Resorts. The Legend Group has been a leader in the hospitality industry in Southern Africa for the past eight years. Its portfolio draws on the rich diversity of South Africa, her people, culture, vivid scenery and abundant bird, marine and animal life.

Our Objectives

Legend Sport & Educational Foundation reflects the company's passionate drive and belief in working with communities to change the fortunes of people less fortunate.

It strives to:

  • Create a sustainable financial framework to operate existing and new projects.
  • Focus on the development of previously disadvantaged communities through sport , skills development and other disciplines.
  • Assist in the social upliftment of all the surrounding communities.

Our Achievements

Legend Sport & Educational Foundation is fast building a reputation for creating successful, sustainable community development initiatives in South Africa.

The Foundation directly supports communities through the following existing programmes:

  • Community Wood Recycling Project
  • Community Brick Making Project.
  • Legend Skills Development Academy.
  • Community Waste Management ans Recycling Programme.
  • Community Steel Recycling Project. 

Community Wood Recycling Project

A community business collecting waste wood and selling back to the community and surrounding businesses for re-use.

Community Brick Making Project

A community project producing bricks to build homes with for vulnerable families surrounding Legend Golf & Safari Resort.

Interlocking blocks are produced from a soil and cement mixture and made by a seven-strong team employed through the Foundation.
The bricks have also recently been sold for use on an orphanage development in the Limpopo Province.

The project has recently forged relationships with Blessman Ministries, a Christian ministry from   America who have now purchased the bricks to build with on the Moletlane Children's Village development.

The village situated within Pastor Jan Chauke’s church property in Moletlane, consists of five homes, flush toilets and showers and will house 16 orphan children.

Legend Skills Development Academy

Legend Skills Development Academy

An on-site, accredited training facility promoting and recognising the skills and knowledge base of the company's existing employees.

The joint venture with Angianca Training Academy and Consulting will assist the Legend group to:

  • Identify, recruit and train previously disadvantaged individuals.
  • Promote their active and meaningful participation in an industry, including skills transfer and practical training.
  • Expose various industries to previously disadvantaged individuals by making them accessible to them in order to create real and meaningful change.
  • Develop an on-site, self-sustainable vegetable farming project providing Legend Golf & Safari Resort with A-grade consumables.

Community Waste Management and Recycling Programme

A recycling initiative run for and by the community helping to protect the environment through effective waste management and deliver funds for other community programmes.

A massive 20 tonnes of waste were recycled within four months' of the project's introduction at Legend Golf & Safari Resort.
More than four tonnes of waste were diverted from South Africa's landfill sites through recycling within four weeks of the waste management and recycling project's implementation.

This increased to 7.5 tonnes in September.

 Five, full-time staff have been employed from the community through Legend Sport & Educational Foundation – a Section 21 company which functions as a non-profitable entity – to drive forward the project and Legend Lodges Hotels and Resorts' aim to take care of the environment. The team are working tirelessly to make recycling a way of life at the 22,000 hectare destination which includes the Big Five Entabeni Safari Conservancy.

Community Steel Recycling Project

A community business collecting and re-selling waste steel to fund other community projects.


Future projects include:

Sports Academies & Training Programs

Specialised training at one of the largest sporting complexes of its kind for talented and previously disadvantaged children.

Clinic – Medical Services, Health & HIV Education

The construction of a clinic with dispensary facilities to meet the daily health needs of the local, rural people.

Art & Crafts Centre

To develop and encourage entrepreneurial skills and artistic talent in the local community; a platform for traders and musicians to perform and generate income from venues such as Legend Wildlife and Cultural Centre's Pedi Cultural Village.


A self-sustainable community project producing and maintaining flora and fauna for Legend Golf & Safari Resort.

Baby Care Facility

A training programme to promote positive parenting.