Village people

Village People

It has often been said that South Africa’s greatest asset is its people, and few countries boast the Rainbow Nation’s wealth of cultural diversity. Legend’s three cultural villages allow visitors a rare glimpse into many ancient traditions and rituals, still revered and practiced today.





Pedi Cultural Village: Entabeni Safari Conservancy

Visit one of the most insightful cultural sites in Southern Africa and embark on a journey that traverses four periods of the Pedi people’s history. The Eugene Marais museum, named after the famous author, poet and naturalist is housed in a restored farm house and is well worth a visit. 

Ndebele Cultural Village: Zebra Country Lodge

The Ndebele culture’s distinctively colourful dress and the bright, happy geometric designs on the homes are easily recognisable. The village provides insight into the history and culture of the Ndebele people.

Sun City Multi Cultural Village

This is a visual and dining experience of eight South African cultures, highlighting dress, dance, history, traditions, food and day-to-day lifestyles. The village also offers an African Shebeen (restaurant and pub) nearby.

Shebeen: Zebra Country Lodge & Sun City

Experience life, African style! We invite you to experience the captivating aromas and vibrant music at our Shebeen. Treat your palate to our home-cooked food and explore the surprising diversity of our cultures. Enjoy the vibe and a few drinks while playing pool or foosball, or simply relax and listen to the exuberant rhythm of African Jazz and Kwaito.