Entabeni Events & Banqueting

Hanglip Mountain

Hanglip Mountain is probably the most unique “Restaurant” in the world. The dining area is situated close to the top of the mountain with sheer vertical cliffs that drop nearly 500m to the plains below. The only access is by Helicopter. Meals presented on the Mountain include a  Hanglip Picnic or Breakfast as well as sundowers.


Hanglip View Point

Situated on the edge of the escarpment with panoramic views over the plains nearly 500m below the vertical cliffs. This is an ideal spot for a special sundowner accompanied by a special occasion e.g. Sushi chef. Hanglip View Point can accommodate up to 30 guests.


Hippo Boma

This is the largest of all venues and is also the only all weather outside venue. Hippo Boma is situated next to Lakeside on the shores of Lake Entabeni, with a view of Entabeni Mountain. Hippo Boma is a thatch covered area that can seat up to 160 guests and is equipped with a separate bar area, bathrooms, dance floor and outside braai area.



This is a large Boma situated away from any specific camp. Boekenhout Boma is an area situated on the banks to a small river with beautiful flat rocks for picnics and rock pools for day time swimming. Boekenhout also has a braai area, a central fireplace and a very rustic bathroom. Ample shady trees are available to offer that romantic daytime picnic. Boekenhout Boma can offer seating for up to 60 guests.


Fig Trees – Upper Escarpment

This is a beautiful venue for bush breakfasts. The venue is set up with a standard hot and cold buffet built from stone. Fig Trees is situated close to the airstrip with breath taking views over Serengeti plains toward Entabeni Mountain. There are no bathroom facilities available at this site and it is recommended that game drives do a pit stop at Ravineside before arrival. This venue is ideal for up to 60 guests.





Marula Picnic Site is situated in a group of 19 mature Marula trees. This site has no barriers and is placed in rather dense bush at the foot of the escarpment. The site can accommodate up to 40 guests.


Sweet Thorn

Sweet Thorn is situated close to Kubu Dam within a thicket of Sweet Thorn Acacias. There are no barriers and views are limited. The venue can accommodate 40 guests.


Pedi Cultural Village

Visit one of the most unique cultural sites in Southern Africa at Entabeni Game Reserve.   Experience the lifestyle, culture and dancing of the Pedi nation or enjoy a Cultural Dinner at the village.



Waterberry Picnic Spot is situated at the foot of the kloof and is placed on the side of the stream that flows out of the gorge. There is a small pool available for swimming during the day. Waterberry Picnic Site is the only of the lower escarpment venues that has bathroom facilities. This site is can host up to 20 guests.

Fig Tree : Lower Escarpment

There is a lonesome Fig Tree amongst the Savannah grassland, which may be utilized for events.  A fixed barbecue is set up in the open area.

No restroom facilities are available at this venue, guests will be shuttled to the nearby (5 min) Hanglip Mountain Lodge.


Yellowood Picnic Site

This is one of the most beautiful sites on the property. Yellowwood picnic site is situated in the gorge with high cliffs, yellowwood trees, waterfalls and a deck looking over a bright rock pool for swimming. This spot is ideal for a small group in the day or for a private dinner for no more than 10 guests.