Entabeni Safari & Activities

Entabeni Safari & Activities

Game drives or walking safaris, undertaken by highly trained rangers, offer the privilege of up-close Big Five game viewing.

Diversity on the reserve is astounding, with more than 55 large mammal species, 300 flowers, 50 grasses, 140 trees, 380 birds and innumerable insects, reptiles and amphibians.

Our bush camps are situated in the midst of the reserve so visits by lions and other beasts are an expected and accepted part of every day. This reserve is one of those places where you do not need to search for animals, as plains game is plentiful, with at least 15 different antelope species.


Lions are seen almost daily, and are such successful hunters that they can afford to leave some morsels for the Verraux’s Eagles, which have cleverly filled the scavenging niche on the reserve.

Rhinoceros are common on the reserve, and share the grass of the open savanna with the nocturnally feeding hippopotamus.

The Leopards in the Waterberg Mountains are known to be some of the largest on the continent, and these beautiful but secretive animals are seen quite regularly on the reserve. Small antelope such as the nimble Klipspringer sometimes fall prey to them. Brown Hyaena and Black Backed Jackal are the main members of the clean up crew, with the Hyaena’s detecting prey by scent from distances of up to 14 km away.