Zebra Lodges - Safari & Activities

Zebra Safari & Activities

Nature Drive

Time required: 1,5 Hours
Min Pax: 2 Pax
Max Pax: 40 Pax (for bigger groups, more vehicles can be hired in)

A guided tour of Zebra Country Lodge by a game ranger with the objective of enhancing the knowledge and awareness of the visitor by interpreting animal and plant life geology, ecosystems, history of the area, relationships and much more.



The following activities can be enjoyed on the Lodge premises

 Swimming, Volleyball, Outdoor Chess, Pool Table, Guided open vehicle game drives, Birding Safari, Bush walks, Helicopter Flights, Canoeing &    

 Curio Shopping, Traditional Ndebele village.





Cocktail Treasure Hunt

Time required: 2 Hours
Min Pax: 10 Pax
Max Pax: 60 Pax

The group is divided into teams, each team select a leader before they depart on the cocktail treasure hunt. A game ranger accompanies each team to be the judge and to assist the group from going wrong. The groups are given a sequence of bearings that guide them to a selection of five mixers from which they can make their cocktail.

The group enjoys this event as they get lost and find that previous groups have taken their required mixer. In making their cocktails they become more creative, resulting in some interesting drinks. The judging takes place after the barman has prepared the cocktails from the ingredients found. Some groups cheat and use the most outrageous items in their drinks. Good fun is had by all.

Please note liquor at additional cost.
Potjiekos competition (per person)

Each team gets to test their cooking skills by cooking up the best potjiekos. Teams get judged on hygiene, presentation and of course taste!

Hiking Trails

Time required: 45 Min – 3 Hours
Min Pax: 2 Pax
Max Pax: 30 Pax

Choose from a selection of four hiking trails. Meandering through different parts of Zebra Country Lodge. The walks vary from a fairly easy 45-minute walk to a rather tough 3-hour walk. These trails can be done guided or without any guidance.

Wellness Program

We offer the following treatments; Massage, Indian Head Massage, Reflex, and Aroma Therapy. Prices are available on request.

The following activities do not require a facilitator and are undertaken by the Lodge Staff. (Rates available on request)



   Bucket and bokdroll

     Time required: 15 Min
     Min Pax: 4 Pax
     Max Pax: 30 Pax

     Teams to be split up, the teams are given bokdrolls to spit into a bucket

     that is placed about 5m in front of them. The team with the most bokdrolls

     in the bucket wins.


Activities that can be enjoyed at close proximity to the lodge

Golf, 4 x 4 Trails, Horse Riding, Fishing (Bass Lake & Roodeplaatdam), Booze & Sunset Cruises (Roodeplaatdam), Cullinan Diamond Museum, The Rose Farm, Argilla Pottery Centre, The Carousel Casino & Entertainment World, Day Excursions to Johannesburg & Pretoria, The State Theatre.